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Explore the potential of Metaverse Events with NOX's robust platform. Now host your events at any place of your choice.

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There is a significant supply-demand mismatch with firms all around the globe yearning to access the Metaverse for their own events.

We are here to fill in that void with an outstanding team driven by technology who can make your meta-events a reality. Knowing that Metaverse will become the most efficient marketing channel for brands, we ensure to develop fantastic customer experiences that connect the real and digital worlds.

Our Exceptional Features

Create one-of-a-kind customized virtual events

Organize leadership gatherings, workshops, and annual general meetings. Include entertainers and other people who can provide significant worth to the event. Furthermore, take care of advertisers and help them excel at the event.

Several Parallel Metaverse Sessions

NOX's metaverse technology enables virtual events to be held in numerous and concurrent periods and sessions. Hence, it is up to the attendees to pick which sessions to join and make the most of the event. It's that simple!

Biggest Next-Gen Online Event Network

We are dedicated to providing lasting worth to our audience through unforgettable Metaverse encounters. Our goal is to use our network to influence the direction of Web3 Events.

Digitized Events in Collaboration with Brands

To create excitable encounters in the Metaverse, we collaborate with festivals, artisans, art shows and galleries, seminars, runway shows, luxury products, and NFT groups.

How Does It Work?

1. Select one of our pre-designed Digital Spaces

Select the virtual spaces that best meet your requirements and suit the goals of your event.

2. Share with us your Details Related to the event

Disclose all your details related to the event with our experts to get a customized experience.

3. Check the Space and share the details with attendees

Once you are satisfied with the Space, share the venue details with the attendees to participate in the event. 

Built your Customized Space

Chat with one of our experts. Evaluate our marketplace services and solutions for event hosting, management, advertising, and measurement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are virtual events and the Metaverse the same?

The Metaverse is a digital arena wherein people may build and alter the environment entirely. It is often built on public platforms that enable people to create and share information and services. On the other hand, in other virtual worlds, people are often confined to discovering and engaging with surroundings built by the virtual world's producers. 

How do you conduct events in the Metaverse?

To conduct events in the Metaverse, you must first set your objectives to ensure you go in the right direction. After that, select the venue and create guidelines for the attendees to navigate the metaverse platform without hassle. Ensure to keep the attendees engaged by planning several virtual games and letting them connect with other participants.

What all activities can you do in the Metaverse?

The Metaverse enables people to connect with goods in ways that e-commerce or online retailers do not permit. One's avatar may visit a virtual store, stroll around the shops, put on clothing or shoes, and make direct bitcoin purchases.

Should I buy separate land for different events?

No, you do not require to buy a separate land for conducting different events. When hosting an event on Metaverse, you can make use of the same land for several events.

How many people a metaverse event can host?

There is no absolute restriction on the number of participants who can participate in an online event in a metaverse. The Metaverse can accommodate events of all sizes, from little team-building exercises to significant corporate anniversaries. It tries to eliminate the isolation of home-based employment. This has the potential to improve work engagement and corporate culture in ways that Zoom or Skype sessions cannot.

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